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Description: frame game machine;classic video arcade game;coin operated game machine.
1. 3D Street Fighter IV frame game machine features two meters, the Revenge Meter, and Super Meter. Understanding how these meters work, are the keys to victory.
2. The Revenge Meter is the circular gauge located at the bottom of the corner screen. When damaged, the Revenge Meter fills up. When the Revenge Meter is filled halfway marked by the line and has a fiery glow, your character is able to perform an Ultra Move.
3. The words Ultra will also appear by the Revenge Meter. When the Revenge Meter is filled to the max the flames will grow bigger and your Ultra Move will deal more damage.
4. The Super Meter is the longer bar located at the bottom of the screen that is labeled "Combo". When damaged, dealing damage, or using special moves, the Super Meter fills.
5. The Super Meter is divided into 4 sections.When one section is filled, it will glow a brighter blue, letting you know that your character can now perform an EX version of a Special Move.
6. When filled to the maxed the Super Meter will say the word "Super" by the bar, enabling your character to perform their Super Move.
7. The Super Meter is also used to cancel many moves into Focus Attack.

Model NO.:EP-FR003
Size:L180*W200*H200 CM                                            
Weight: 180KG,                                             
Power: 300W,
55" Big Screen
Player: 2                                     

How to play:
1. Insert coins to start game.
2. Understand the basic of the game is key to winning. 3D Street Fighter is a 2 players head to head fighting game.
3. The two fighters are fighting until one character is K.O. or time runs out.
4. There are two health bars at the top of the screen, whomever health runs out first will be lose.
5. Time is at the center top of the screen, if time runs to 0, whoever with the more health is declared winner.

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