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Ozone disinfection machines

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Description: EPARK Hot selling epidemic prevention machine

disinfection machines are mainly used for air sterilization and object surface sterilization in various places.

For example:

1. Public places of enterprises and institutions: enterprises sewage treatment, community property companies (cooperation), cinemas, hotels, restaurants, entertainment halls, hairdressing salons, beauty salons, public baths, sanatoriums, hospitals, sterile rooms, waiting rooms of stations, large and small entertainment rooms, warehouses and hotels, guest rooms of hotels, museums and other units, door-to-door disinfection services.

2. Breeding and planting industry: cage, appliance, indoor air and water disinfection.

3. Food processing, fresh-keeping and transportation industry: the sterilization rate of food, eggs, Chinese herbal medicine, meat products, fruits, vegetables and drinking water is up to 99%, fully in line with food safety standards!

Fresh keeping of food, meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, aquatic products and dry and fresh local specialties. Put the food, vegetables and fruits to be treated into the plastic bag and put them into the gas, then fasten the seal tightly, do not deflate, so as to prolong the preservation period. Note: the plastic bag is better to be closed without air leakage. It can effectively keep mould killing for a long time, so as to prolong the fresh-keeping period of fruits, vegetables, meat and eggs.

4. Health requirements for factory production and processing industry: production workshop, packaging workshop, garage, work clothes, etc.

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