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Do real people earn money with the claw machine?

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Description: 1.Large size, strong sense of audience participation, can limit the time independently. 2.In addition to catch dolls can also catch snacks, popular among young people. 3.Shopping malls, amusement pa ...

How to play with a real claw machine?

Generally, a child with a lighter weight is selected to grasp the doll, a good object is selected, and then the operation is usually done by the parents, because the light weight of the child is easy to control, and then the adult operation may be better than the operation of the child;
Take safety measures well, and then keep a safe distance from below to ensure that there is no problem when you fall;
If you are a child, you must pay special attention, because there may be hard objects on the top of the swing, and it is best to be watched by someone next to it;

If everything is ready, then a person controls to move the person above the object that needs to be grasped, and then put the person down to grasp the object;

In order to increase the difficulty and fun of real people grasping dolls, they will move the objects below or the characters will also be unstable, which increases the difficulty of grasping objects, and people should control them smoothly;
Some of the objects below may be obstacles. You can also put on a blindfold for your eyes. You can try it with all kinds of difficulties and freshness.

The most important reason for the rapid progress of the crane machine is to reconfigure the offline business shopping ecology and begin to absorb Internet factors, which has the opportunity to become a new traffic portal.

Understandably, many central stores already have doll capture machines. In addition to the larger size, the human gripper is the opposite of the claw machine. The child fastens the seat belt, pulls it upwards, enters the toy pool, the safety rope descends, the child opens his arms, packs a large bag of doll toys, and buckles tightly. The safety rope rises, pulls the excited child out of the toy pool, and then pulls it down. The children are very happy to catch so many toys.

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